Programs are bending over backwards to accommodate the teaching that the office of Pastors has stopped and that the Church has ceased to be a place where Godís Spirit dwells. Programs have to conform to the heresy or be removed, many programs are more then happy to allow thousands if not millions of people believe that they are in agreement with Family Radio by their conformity. They also hold the Church the sacraments the offices of Pastor, Elder and Deacon in low regard so low that they strip it from their programs happily.
We can only conclude that Harold Camping views this as a sign that his teaching is right. This conclusion could be heard at a Family Radio Staff Meeting 9/20/01 in which Harold Camping has found that no Pastors have opposed him on this new teaching and that shows that he must be right.
I think that if the programs would listen to the Bible they would not want to be in a cult such s Family Radio
Dave Rastetter


Posted by Eric Landry on October 09, 2001 at 14:37:23:
In Reply to: "End of the external Church" posted by Bob on October 06, 2001 at 00:02:48:
: The ACE broadcasts on the network (God's Word Today; Tenth Presbyterian Sunday morning worship). Should it continue to do so (why has the radio station continued to broadcast "regular" church services if they think the church as we know it is dead??)?
Dr. Horton recently sent a letter to the Family Radio Network, calling attention to Mr. Camping's grave errors and calling on the Board of FRN to act quickly before the legacy of FRN is tainted.
There are currently no plans to remove Alliance broadcasts from FRN and we continue to be thankful to them for allowing our programs and other biblically minded programs on their stations.
Eric Landry
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals


Dear Dave,

Thank you very much for your recent e-mail pointing out the problems with Family Radio. I was, of course unaware of these as Family Radio is not available here in the UK. We understood them to be a Bible based organisation with a strong Reformed theological perspective. If you are familiar with Dr Lloyd-Jones' teaching you will be aware that he held to an A-millennial eschatology and did not agree with the dispensational views that Mr Camping apparently holds.

Our American office originally arranged with Family Radio for them to carry our programme and so I have contacted them and asked them to investigate the matter on our behalf.

I would however like to strongly emphasise that our programme being carried on a particular station in no way implies that we either agree with, or support, any other teaching or opinion broadcast by that station. Indeed, in this modern climate it would be true to say that if we made theological agreement a prerequisite for allowing a station to carry our programme then, sadly, the programme simply wouldn't be heard in many locations.

You might be interested to learn that our ministry philosophy in this area was outlined by Dr Lloyd-Jones himself when replying to the question "would he preach in the Vatican if invited?". He said, Certainly, but the Pope would never be invited to preach at Westminster Chapel, whilst he was Pastor. In other words, our desire, like his, is to take good sound Biblical teaching where it is needed. This often means of course, placing our broadcast on stations whose ministry philosophy we do not agree with.

However, the errors you attribute to Dr Camping we do take very seriously and I can assure you that we will be investigating them thoroughly. One final point that I hope may set your mind at rest. We do not support Family Radio financially, as our programme is broadcast by them fee of charge. Neither incidentally do we allow them to distribute our materials.

Once again thank you for your e-mail and I hope that you will find the above helpful.

With all good wishes

Yours In Christ

Tony Ruston
MLJ Trust

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