This conference was held on SATURDAY, JANUARY 19th 2002

Times: 10AM for PASTORS ONLY & at 6PM for the GENERAL PUBLIC

Location: WAS

GRACE REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCH, 36 Smith Street, Merrick, Long Island, NY


To order these tapes call the Church office.

Phone Number: 1-516-379-2408

Price for each tape: $2.50 

total of three tapes. Payable by Check or money order.


I personally attended this seminar and found it was very good. You will find that Dr. White exposes Mr. Camping's hermeneutics so you can see where he is making his mistakes. This is a must have to help you or people in your congregation see the truth. I will be placing clips on the site soon. I will not be able to place the whole seminar each of the two sessions went 2 hours in length.



Dave Rastetter

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