Historic confessions are not deserving of being universally vilified, as Mr. Camping has done, just because some churches and denominations misuse them.  That is making a straw man of them.  Also, never forget that everyone who claims to be a Christian has a confession, even those who disavow any written form.  We can ask, “What do you believe about God?  The Bible?  The Lord Jesus Christ?  The trinity?  How is salvation accomplished and applied?  Is there now or to be a place called hell for punishment of the reprobate?  What about the return of Jesus Christ?”  Etc. etc. etc.  As they answer, they are giving a confession.  Theirs is in their head.  Mine is written down (the WCF, with certain emendations).  Neither is infallible, as is the Holy Bible, upon which both are based.

Now, let’s consider Family Radio’s confession.  Yes, it has one, in the form of its Statement of Faith.  It is available on the Family Radio website, and according to recent announcements, it is printed with the “Location and Frequency Guide”.  By any definition, it is a confession.
Part of Mr. Camping’s and FAMILY RADIO'S confession is what he believes about "The End of the External Church" is part of this confession. 


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