Within hours of our arrival to the conference at Mission Springs, prior to the beginning of the first Open Forum session on Friday evening July 13, **** and I found ourselves in a lively exchange with Mr. Camping which was protracted enough to delay the beginning of that meeting.  It began innocently enough, with Mr. Camping asking how things were going and us telling him that we believed that our church was still quite faithful and that we had no intention of leaving.  Leaving out a lot of words,

Does your minister teach that divorce for fornication is acceptable?”


Then your church has its high places, and it’s dead.”

“How can you say that?  You’ve never been to our church.  Our minister is not perfect, but he is a-mil and he most definitely understands salvation and sovereign grace.  You don’t know all that he teaches, and you can’t deem a church to be dead by using a litmus test consisting of a single doctrinal issue.  Besides, they are very tolerant of me and others believing and even being outspoken that there are no Biblical grounds for divorce.”

I can say that because it’s very obvious that your minister has placed the Westminster Confession over the Bible.  Therefore, he has his high places.  God is very clear that the time will come when he will no longer tolerate high places, and that time is now.  God has removed the candlestick.  Your church is dead.”

“Mr. Camping, I have discussed the issue of divorce and remarriage at some length with our minister.
He believes what he does, not because of the confession, but because after his own careful study, he believes that this is what the Bible teaches. I don’t agree with him because his conclusion is wrong, but he is also very emphatic that officebearers should be allowed to take exceptions to the Westminster Standards because otherwise we would be placing them above God’s Word. How can you say that our church is dead and not the Reformed Bible Church of Alameda?  It has its high places, too, and so does Family Radio.  What makes you and your high places any different from our church’s?

Break!  We’re late getting Open Forum started!

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