It's not a stretch to say that those who have been influenced are inundated with similar methods employed by the major cults: (1) there is the general distrust of anyone outside the circle. (2) The visible church majority is in the process of falling away or has completely fallen away. (3) No accountability in organizational structure. (4) A single charismatic leader who his followers tout as being very unique and an instrument that God is greatly using to bring the Gospel. (5) Scripture is filtered through the interpretation of this one man. Members only find it natural to "see" the same things while studying the Scriptures for themselves. (6) A constant focus on the apparent huge doctrinal antithesis between them and others.


We could also add that cults have almost always begun with an individual claiming to have been given some special insight which the entire church has missed. One of the marks of a cultic group is the tendency to set itself up against the church. Yet, Christ promised to be with His church "until the end of the age" and that "the gates of Hell will not overcome it."


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