Part of Mr. Camping’s confession is what he believes about the date of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  1994 is part of this confession.  Which edition of his confession would you prefer?

(a) September 6, 1994?  (subsequently extended a few days, given the slight variations in the ancient calendars).  Or,

(b) September 15, 1994, the Jewish Day of Atonement?  Or,

(c) September 25, 1994, the Jewish feast of tabernacles?  Or,

(d) October 4, 1994, the actual birthday of Jesus that Mr. Camping calculated?  Or,

(e) December 25, 1994, our traditional celebration of Christmas and Christ’s incarnation and birth, based on the statement in Revelation 11:10 that the enemies of God’s people would “send gifts one to another”?  Or,

(f) February 25, 1995, the Jewish feast of Purim?  Or,

(g) May 3, 1996, when he was so sure of this date that he devoted several Open Forum programs to explain how the “four watches” (alluded to in Mark 13:35) extended the September 6, 1994 date until then?  Or,

(h) His current teaching, that September 6, 1994 was the right date, after all, but for the beginning of the Great Tribulation, not Judgment Day?  And, since we are at least halfway through the Great Tribulation, simple arithmetic says that the return of the Lord will be no later than 2008.


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