Family Radio has been and still is a blessing in many peoples lives and can continue to be. No where on your radio dial can you hear the GREAT HYMNS OF THE FAITH and the PSALTER be sung in the most God glorifying way! This station is a conservative evangelical reformed work with many Christians at work behind the scenes.
    Harold Camping takes up 2 hours a day in a 1 and a half hour "Open Forum" and a half hour Bible study 5 days a week. Turn him off for his two hours or better yet help us stop the teaching. What's left is a  home school programs by Paul Linstrom, reformed preachers from around the world and other good teachers. They  have 30 minutes of uninterrupted Bible reading  4 times a day. They also read books cover to cover like..
The Legacy of Sovereign Joy"
By John Piper
How Firm a Foundation in Scripture and Song"
by Dr. John D. Morris
The Rare Jewel of Chrisrian Contentment"
By Jeremiah Burroughs
Biography of John Owen D.D."
Old Paths Gospel Press
Christian Literature Crusade and more.
Family Radio also has some good publications on Calvinism (t.u.l.i.p) and more.
Family Radio has a School of the Bible with solid reformed teaching.

 There is more but until the teaching stops it is all in danger of ending.

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