Harold Camping has departed from the hermeneutics that he has trained many on through a book he had written . We will look at that shortly. He has also undermined the board at Family Radio in that he has deliberately set aside the by-laws of  Family Radio. These two points alone should make us wonder why he wasn’t stopped earlier? If you have proper checks and balances in place and hold to them it will keep loose cannons like this from shooting off.

His book First Principles Of Bible Study In Chapter 3 we read.

In Chapter 1 it was stated that the Bible ordinarily has more than one level of meaning. These levels are:

  1. The historical setting.
  2. The moral or spiritual teaching.
  3. The salvation account.
  4. Well I guess we add number 4 for Mr. Camping

  5. Things point to the church age of the 21st century

Under the heading "The Gospel of Grace is Frequently Hidden"

We read this "We must realize that the message of salvation is the most important message of the Bible. We would expect, therefore, that it would shine through every page of the Bible."

Now we have new findings, of how the Church is hidden in all these places we thought salvation was hidden.

This next point will be the card that makes his house fall.

We read "These are serious questions. We never want to read anything into the Scriptures that God never put there. As we seek out this third level of meaning within the Bible account, it is important to remember these three rules:

The spiritual meaning must relate to the gospel of salvation. Salvation is the message of the Bible. It will not do to look at an historical account and try to identify it with certain political nations or a contemporary phenomenon. The spiritual meaning always relates to the Gospel program. This is seen in the parables of Jesus and in the Old Testament presentation of the ceremonial law.

Mr.Camping has left his first love Jesus Christ to seek after things in this day and age that he thinks the Bible is referring to.

He then goes on to dig his hole a little deeper

"Many have expressed the fear that "spiritualizing" the Bible will lead people away from the true Gospel. This can happen only when we violate the three rules outlined above. If these rules are strictly followed, the understanding of the Gospel of salvation can be nothing but what the Bible teaches."


In relation to the third level, any spiritual meaning found within a passage must be in agreement with these three principles:

  1. The deeper, spiritual meaning must relate to the Gospel of salvation.
  2. The spiritual identification of elements within the parable or historical account must have biblical validation.
  3. The spiritual conclusion must be in total agreement with everything in the Bible that clearly relates to the nature of salvation.

Would someone please hand Mr. Camping a copy of this booklet?


  • Next we examine the by-laws of Family Radio.

"Christ's great commission to the Church to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing and teaching those who believe."

Article III of the by-laws of Family Stations, Inc

Now we know that Family radio has 4 Board members

Harold Camping

David Morrell

Richard Van Dyke

Bill Thorton

Do any of these people know what By-laws are set up for and what they are suppose to guard against? I think not!

Just some thoughts I had.


Dave Rastetter

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