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The Most DANGEROUS "END TIMES" False Prophet today,


is finally refuted in print!!!  

Dangerous Airwaves:
Harold Camping Refuted and Christ’s Church Defended
By Dr. James R. White

Is God through with the church?
Has Jesus Christ done away with the organized structure He created 2000 years ago and replaced it with unstructured “fellowships” that eliminate the need for elders and deacons?
YES! That is…if you are to believe Harold Camping!


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Endorsements for "DANGEROUS AIRWAVES":

"I have read Dr. White's critique of the errors of Harold Camping and must agree that he is correct.  Years ago I had a doctrinal discussion with HC and discovered that he was unwilling (or unable) to listen to Scripture.  He wandered off into allegorical interpretations that just didn't hold water.  White has done the church a service.  Thank you James."

"James White here writes a critique of the recent ministry of Harold Camping, the well-known American Christian radio broadcaster in California. Mr. Camping allowed himself to make a rash prediction some years ago that the end of the world would come about in 1994.  Since that date he has sadly slipped into patterns of thought in his broadcasts which are distinctly cultic.  Of particular seriousness is his view that the entire Christian church is now so corrupt that we should all leave our home congregations to form 'fellowships'. This is a book that had to be written and it deserves to be widely read, especially by those in the 'fellowship' gatherings adhering to Mr. Camping and his radio ministry."
Banner of Truth Magazine, Editor
"Finally, a book written to expose one of the most theologically dangerous men in our century. Mr. Harold Camping fits all of the descriptions of a cult leader. Although I have appreciated much of the ministry of Family Radio over the years, I have been nauseated by the horrendous arrogance, exclusivistic spirit, and self-styled hermeneutic of Mr. Camping. For over a decade, our church has had many wonderful, yet theologically immature believers led astray by Camping’s divisive dogmatism. In his 1994 prediction of the return of Christ, we lost over 40 people to his speculative view. Thank you Dr. James White for putting together a sound rebuttal to the recent Campingite Heresy. Your section on the hermeneutic of Harold Camping will be so helpful to people who need sound teaching on Bible interpretation. May the Lord have mercy upon His Church by keeping the Church from this man who intentionally or unintentionally has successfully drawn away disciples after himself (Acts 20:30)."
Faith Baptist Church, Corona, Queens, NY
"Harold Camping's attack on the Church has harmed individuals, hurt congregations, and hampered media ministries that  honor Christ and his Bride. James White demolishes Camping's distortions and calls us to value the Church as much as Christ does."
"The Back to God Hour" (formerly aired on Family Radio)

"Words fail me as I attempt to convey my deepest thanks and appreciation to Dr. James White for the supreme service which he has rendered to the Church of Jesus Christ through the publication of Dangerous Airwaves. Writing in a respectful and riveting style which is easily understood by both leaders and laity alike, Dr. White has well addressed the most significant errors in Mr. Harold Camping's teaching which are causing such spiritual detriment and significant destruction within Christ's Church.  As a pastor who has personally experienced the pain of witnessing a number of people removing themselves from church membership and subsequently refusing to worship with any local congregation solely based upon Mr. Camping's harmful hermeneutic, I believe that this book could not have come at a better time!  Although I, along with many others, are no longer participating in Family Radio Bible Conferences or broadcasts, my sincere hope and fervent prayer is that the reading of this articulate defense of the truth will be greatly and graciously used of God for His glory through the return of many to their spiritual senses and through a greater appreciation and understanding of the Church which Christ purchased at the price of His blood."

Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church (URC), NJ
Former Family Radio Conference Speaker & Radio Evangelist
"James White effectively corrects teaching that has taken families out of churches like mine.  The author expounds church truth and proper biblical interpretation.  He exposes Mr. Camping's teaching as false, both in general and in specifics.  Dr. White extensively refutes both Mr. Camping's written and spoken material.  Mr. Camping wrongly advises people to leave God-honoring churches.  Dr. White rightly advises people to leave dishonoring teaching against God's Word and God's church."
The Bible Church of Port Washington, NY
"As pastor of a church that has twice experienced the departure of groups of families who have been seduced by the teachings of Harold Camping, I am thankful for James White's work in faithfully exposing and refuting the bizarre notions of this modern cult leader.  Dr. White also presents a refreshingly clear and forthright presentation of the vital place of the church in the plan of God (especially when we remember that the historic Protestant confession has been that "outside the visible church there is no ordinary possibility of salvation.").     Read this book to understand the Camping Captivity of Family Radio.  Use this book to help protect Christ's sheep from a dangerous wolf who comes into so many homes "not sparing the flock.(Acts 20:29)"
Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Franklin Square, NY
"Radio is a powerful medium for the distribution of the Gospel. Unfortunately, as Dr. White points out in Dangerous Airwaves, there are radio teachers such as Harold Camping who, once a shepherd, has become a wolf and his leading the sheep astray."
General Manager WRFD Radio Columbus, Ohio (Family Radio Employee 1977 – 1980)
"James White courageously exposes the heretical hermeneutical gymnastics of  Harold Camping.  Camping's method of interpretation along with his   conclusions would be comical were it not for the fact that there are people   who actually buy into it.  Dr. White's thorough treatment of this false  teaching serves to protect and honor the church of Jesus Christ.  This book  is particularly helpful to our congregation as we know people who have   seriously entertained the Camping doctrine.  It will serve to bring saints  to   the truth and protect them from future heresies."
North Shore Baptist Church, Bayside, Queens, NY
"As a pastor who has recently watched church members leave the Good Shepherd for the false teaching of Mr. Camping, I am grateful for Dr. White's insightful and lucid analysis.  The heresy described within is a new brand of terrorism that threatens the flock of Christ and damages her witness in this world.  This book not only effectively exposes this error; it will also serve to encourage you to rejoice in the truth, the truth of the Scriptures that belong to the church, the eternal Bride of Christ."
Covenant Reformed Church (URC) of Newton, NJ

"I am grateful to James White for setting the record straight on Harold Camping's views. We desperately need this kind of theological precision in a day when errors and heresies are underestimated." 
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI

"Heresy is always a stealing of some Christian rags to cover heathen nakedness!  Harold Camping is sewing a new fig leaf to cover his abhorrent privates by trying to establish a new Romanism with Family Radio as the cathedral and he the self-appointed new Pope.  But careful, biblical examination reveals that 'this Emperor has no clothes.'  After his failed prophecy that Christ was returning in 1994--he has resorted to another Edenistic pursuit--the demise, dismantling, and extinction of the local church.  This is pure folly--Christianity by Howard Stern--and is comical except for the thousands who have unwittingly adopted it as orthodox.  
        Dr. James White, once again, has proven to be a valuable, biblical, prophetic voice to the church today.  He wields, as a skilled surgeon, the razor sharp scalpel of sound theological and doctrinal truth by exposing the gangrenous, factious, heretical teachings of Camping.  As only a faithful shepherd in the church can do, he has instructed in sound doctrine and refuted those who contradict.  This is a must read... especially for pastors, elders, and deacons--I highly commend it to you."
Christian Recording Artist & Evangelist


"Family Radio has for the past 44 years been bringing many into the reformed faith and directing them to sound reformed churches. Then last year (2001) in an e-mail posted on the OPC list a pastor held up a white flag of distress. People were leaving the church due to the teaching of Harold Camping, and he did not know how to respond. The group quickly aided the man with some short refutations. But now with James White's work Dangerous Airwaves the whole diabolical scheme of Harold Camping is revealed from his invalid hermeneutics to his misuse of the original languages of the Bible and more. Speaking as one ex-Campingite this book shows the folly of Camping and must be read by those who want to know 'What saith the Scriptures' not 'What saith Camping'."

Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA), Akron, Ohio
Former "Campingite"

"Mr.Camping's "dead Church" doctrine is only really dangerous to those who don't know the truth, who have not been rooted and grounded in Christ, nor taught to rightly divide the word of truth. Nevertheless he and all other false teachers must be exposed by faithful men on the front lines of God's Glory. The honor of Christ and the safety of his lambs are at stake. Dr.White is very capable of doing just that!"
Grace Bible Church, San Leandro, CA
(former coelder with Harold Camping at the Reformed Bible Church, Alameda, CA)
"Scripture teaches that in the providence of God heresies arise in order to establish the right by negation, in order that those who are approved may be made manifest. Although Harold Camping's doctrine has troubled the church in the past, and has grown increasingly troubling, I am very grateful for James White's new book Dangerous Airwaves. This book shows that the truth is more than true -- it is also clear."
Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho
Credenda Agenda Magazine, Editor


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