To The Board of Directors at Family Radio October 4, 2001

Oakland, CA

Dear Sirs,

Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord. I have been a supporter of the network since shortly after my conversion in 1988. 90% of your programming is excellent. I hope Family Radio can be salvaged.

Harold Campingís book 1994? prompted me to then write a lengthy review denouncing the work, and now I am hearing and reading things equally absurd and untrue. Mr. Camping asserts that all the churches are dead and are to be abandoned. Not merely the "liberal churches," but all churches. This is unbiblical and destructively divisive. To put a point on it: This teaching is satanic. Those who support and/ or promote this teaching are partakers of his evil doctrine. Notice the contradictions between the quotes below and those in the postscript of this letter.

According to Camping, the two witnesses of Revelation 11:3ff are the church, and they (she) are now dead: the church is turned over to Satan, and he rules therein. A few faithful groups remain (Family Radio is the only one he ever mentions), but just as Israel was in captivity in Babylon, so the church today is under Satanís complete sway. To wit: the sacraments are ineffectual and not to be observed just as the animal sacrifices and circumcision were not done in captivity.

His "good news" appears to be: The temple is destroyed, the gates of hell have prevailed, and the church is dead, never to rise again. So send your money to faithful Family Radio!

He writes: "No longer are you to be under the spiritual rulership of the church. This command is given because God is finished with the era of churches being used of God to evangelize."

"We must remove ourself [sic] from the church."

"But as judgment comes on the church the true believer is to stay outside the church bringing the Gospel to the world."

"Because the church era has come to an end the churches have become dead as the church of Sardis long ago became dead. (Rev 3:1). The churches of today have had their candlestick removed even as the church of Ephesus of Rev. 2 was warned that God would remove their candlestick if they did not return to their first love. The church has ceased to be an institution or divine organism to serve God as His appointed representative on earth."

"The elders and deacons are being guided by their own minds rather than by the Holy Spirit."


"If the individual or family are simply attending a church and are not members they can stop attending that church but continue to fellowship outside of the church with individuals of like mind.

"If a congregation decides to be obedient to this command they can reorganize their congregation from a church congregation, to become a fellowship of believers. The elders will no longer be elders. The deacons will no longer be deacons. The Pastor will no longer be pastor. In other words no individuals will have spiritual rule over the congregation. Those members of this congregation who disagree with this decision to disband would have to find membership in another congregation."

The above quotes are from Campingís article, "The End of the External Church," found at

His hyper-Amillenialism has gone beyond pessimism. Is there any recourse to pull the plug on him? I call on the faithful involved in Family Radioís management to stop airing Harold Campingís latter-day teachings. Family Radio is too wonderful a ministry to let go to pot. But Mr. Camping appears to be in his dotage, and it is dangerous when Godís word is being so wrongly divided. To whom can I look for help in this matter? Any help you can be is appreciated. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Hugh McCann


PS Ironically and contradictorily Mr. Camping is also quoted as saying:

QUESTION: What do you say to those who suspect you of trying to get a following - of starting a new movement or a new church?

MR. CAMPING: "I donít want anyone to follow me. I am not asking anyone to follow Family Radio, because at our best all we can do is teach Godís Word and be an example of the fact that we all need to go back to the Word of God along for our answers. Oh, if only pastors could see that we are not their enemy. We are not opposed to them, we are not trying to put them down, and we are not trying to come with controversial or contentious doctrine. Actually, Godís marching orders in Matthew 28:19 and 20 are two fold: the Church is to teach and to baptize. We are not a church. We do not baptize. In fact, we urge those who listen to go to a Bible-teaching church, be baptized and submit to the discipline and fellowship of the believers there. We can never become a church...we are only a network of radio stations - a voice speaking out clearly - teaching the Bible by spoken word, by song (as mentioned in Ephesians 5:19) and giving opportunity to those who want to challenge, question, even debate what God is saying to all of us in His Word. I feel badly that there are those who misunderstand why I teach as clearly as I do. I donít claim to be infallible. I want no personal following. No one has to agree with my teaching to be a member of the Family Radio FAMILY. Even our staff are not required to agree with my teaching. They are, of course, required to be students of the Word themselves and to live exemplary lives."

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