This morning Dr. R.J. Cameron of Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Somerset, NJ announced that he was removing his Early Morning Worship Hour from WFME because of the teaching of Harold on the death of the church heresy. He discussed it with his session and they are in agreement. Below is the e-mail he sent to me on Nov. 16.
"I thought you might like to know that the Mt. Carmel Worship Hour will not be heard over the Family Radio stations in the NY area after Nov. 25. I have, with the consent of our Session, withdrawn the program and will no longer participate in the ministry of FR until Harold is removed or his awful heresy is reversed.

Please don't let this thing rob you of your joy in the Lord. Continue to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit and try to be a blessing to those which whom you are in contact. Rejoice in the Lord."
The Mt. Carmel Worship Hour has been on FR since 1988.

Sincerely in Christ,
Ken Matto


Below is a transcript of the closing comments made by Pastor Joe Jacowitz as host of his final ''Prayer-time" program before resigning from Family Radio. This program was aired live on KEAR - San Francisco and it's 50 plus translator/satellite stations across the U.S. an Monday, 11-5-01.

"Today's prayer-time program is the last one I will host for the foreseeable future. I have been a part of family Radio for almost 18 years and have served in various capacities: As an instructor in Family Radio School of the Bible, an anchor of the old share-a-thons, and in various other positions both on and off the air. However, of all the positions I have served at family Radio my favorite one is as Prayer-time pastor, which I have done now for about 10 years.

I want to express my gratitude to the Lord for the opportunity and privilege of praying with you on this program. I would also like to thank Mr. Camping; and in particular, Matthew Pearce, KEAR Operations manager, for inviting me to participate in this wonderful prayer-time ministry. I am also grateful for the efforts, of my two co-laborers Lynn Catchings and Ursala Jahveri. I must also say thanks to the prayer-partners and listeners of "prayer-time" who have sacrificially prayer with us for the needy, sick, destitute, homeless, impoverished, weak, unsaved people, and spiritually weak believers, who desperately need God's grace.

I know many of you are wondering why I am leaving Family Radio. Well, let me say this as graciously as I can: In. good conscience I can no longer be identified with a ministry whose President calls for the destruction and dissolution of the church. I have disagreed with Mr. Camping on other points in the past, such as his prediction that Christ would return in 1994, but I stayed with Family Radio because I believe we can serve the Lord together without having to agree on every point of doctrine. But Harold Camping's latest teaching, that every church is apostate, and that all Christians are to leave their churches, and that the office of Pastor and the office of deacon are no longer valid, is crossing the line into severe heresy, and I can no longer serve the Lord in a ministry that hurts the body of Christ in this way. This is the reason for my resignation.

I want to encourage you to continue steadfast in prayer because a prayer-less church is a weak church. If you want to contact me call my office at (510) 317-9101" (end of comments

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