Well, it has happened... Mr. Camping has instructed that all FR programming is to reflect his teachings... FR is to no longer recognize the existence of the Local Church, Pastors, Elders, or communion or baptism.

Paraphrasing the directive, which Mr. Camping instructed Mr. Craig Hulsebos of the Network Program Department to make:

All local church services are to cease as of the last Sunday of November, with the exception of WJFR in Jacksonville, Florida... (as an aside...there is supposed to be a binding agreement there since a local Baptist Church was competing with FR for the frequency... FR was allowed to get the frequency for the station providing they made time available to that church... ironic that a non-reformed church will be the only one allowed on any of the FR stations).

All denominational broadcasts are to cease the last Sunday of November
(The Lutheran Hour... the Back to God Hour)

All local "Pastor's Study" or "From the Study" programs are to cease the last week of November. The "From the Study" program with Dr. Gabriel Otero will continue on the Network.

All local "Prayertime" programs are to no longer use Pastors as of the last week of Nov. They can only be done with local staff. Many prayertime programs have stopped due to the Pastor stepping down.

All speakers are to be introduced as Doctor, Mister, or Brother...they cannot be referred to as Pastor or Reverend.

If outside speakers are flexible in how they are tagged & introduced, they may continue. Any program that suggests a church, or one being a pastor or elder is not acceptable.

Broadcasters will be called and asked to allow FR to continue sharing their teaching ministry... allowing FR to change the way they are introduced.

Mr. Hulsebos also requested prayer as they proceed with these changes.

Indeed, we should continue to pray for him and all of the FR staff, as they labor under such hard circumstances.



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