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Regarding Camping, as a heretic.

     What he teaches is a hateful and damnable thing. What if you had a bunch of people surrounding your wife, telling her to leave you??? He refuses to listen. For the last 8 years he has not repented and he has been teaching the same things. Although now, things are much worse for him than before. So he should be spoken to in a manner which is consistent with a heretic. Do you think the Apostle Paul would have tolerated him? Is the doctrine of ex-communication hateful???
     We cannot help that Camping misinterprets our words to be hateful. Frankly, that is a popular cop out these days. Anyone who disagrees with someone else is 'attacking' them or being hateful. Homosexuals use this argument all the time to evoke pity from the masses. Again, this is another guilt-tripping manipulation tactic used by those who would rather the truth be silenced than ditch their pet doctrines. Study up on cults a little. Or read about churches (some cults, some not) that use this guilt-tripping manipulation tactic
                                           Camping's Confession of Faith 
       Camping and his followers may claim to be commentary and confession-free (I am aware of his disdain for them both) but what he and his followers refuse to admit is that Camping's sermon tapes and his open forum show is a commentary on the bible. As far as an explicit confession goes, one only has to read his books and listen to his tapes to formulate his confession. He thinks that because he hasn't put out a book entitled "Camping's Confession of Faith", he doesn't have a confession of faith. But he does. And his is no different than any other cult. Study cults and then study the teachings of Camping. There is virtually no difference. You will know them by their fruits. And when some one says the living and breathing bride of Christ has died, there is no room left to wonder about him or his teachings. (see also)


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