(05--2002) *** ***** was fired.  He indicated that they
would say that he resigned clarify that he did not resign but
was asked to leave.  After Pastor Otero was forced to leave (he too did NOT
resign, but was forced out, through continual harassment from Mr. Camping to
leave his church or leave FR) Mr. ****** asked Bill Thornton (who will now
apparently head the School of the Bible) if there would be any work for him
with the School of the Bible after Pastor .  Mr. Thornton's reply was "clean
out your desk".  Mr. ****** has been prepairing for his dismissal for some
time now, and so it was not a complete suprise to him, but he does not as
yet have any new employment.  It was, however, a complete shock to the rest
of the staff.  . I would like to
recommend that we support ***********  in his efforts and continue to pray for
him, as he has always tried to remain as Biblical as humanly possible. 
Please post a link to his site for your readers.  Thank you.
Please pray for Pastor Otereo as well as the thousands of students of the FR
School of the Bible.  One can only imagine that all of the current
curriculum will be discarded that contains anything relating to the church. 
My guess is that it will all be replaced.  May God have mercy on all of
those students who will be fed false doctrine.

It looks as though Dr. Paul Lindstrom's program ("There's No Place Like
Home") HAS CANCELED SINCE THIS WAS WRITTEN will be the next on to be pulled off the air. They have asked Craig
to remove it and it will be gone after the end of June.

Anyway, please continue to pray for us who remain, as we may be the next
target for dismissal.  Or we may be led of God to leave on our own.

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