Family Radio Is Wrong! The teaching of Harold Camping is a Heresy

Harold Camping has claimed that the era of the Church age has come to an end. He has begun a campaign to tell people to leave their Churches no matter how faithful to the gospel their Church may be. This teaching is false!
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Harold Camping is president of Family Stations Incorporated or Family Radio for short. These articles and this site are meant to show that the teaching of Harold Camping is wrong! And it  must be stopped. Without an outcry from the programs, listeners and all that care for the corporate church and the Bride of Christ, many will fall under this false teaching.

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2 Thessalonians 3:15 
"Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother."


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Teacher at the "School of the Bible" is fired! CLICK HERE

Family Radio has been kicked out of Tuscarora Inn.  This will be their last year at TI.  A letter has gone out to them officially from the Board at Tuscarora Inn.

Camping Out in the Mountains By Christopher Alexion

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Luke 21: the Atonement by Tom Schaff, 


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The Most DANGEROUS "END TIMES" False Prophet today,


is finally refuted in print!!!  

Dangerous Airwaves:
Harold Camping Refuted and Christ’s Church Defended
By Dr. James R. White




  Hear Harold Camping tell us how he interprets Babylon as the Church today.

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Al Martin Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. 

The Administration of Christ's Church

These are indeed perilous times!
Don Fortner

Church Membership and Choosing a Church
 Brian Schwertley

Biblical Principles of The Unity of The Church.

Why Christians Should Attend Church (off site)

Is Church Membership Optional?
Stephen Pribble

Finding a Truly Biblical Church Rev. Boer

Gabriel Otero's
Sunday Morning Service online    

Choosing a Church.
Stephen Pribble     

Insight Radio
Attending Church

When should a person leave a church?

Why Church
Back to God Hour with 
David Feddes.


This is a report on God's sovereign grace and mercy and providence during the ongoing outreach to bring the reformed gospel throughout the 32 States and 141 cities of Mexico. During the days of 4/30 to 5/17 we visited 7 States in Mexico with the precious gospel of salvation.. The states visited were: Morelos, Mexico, Puebla, Queretaro, Veracruz, Tlaxcala and Guanajuato.




 Have you passed out the 'Does God Love You?" tract and now cannot due to the heresy that you would be spreading to unexpected people. We have an alternative tract called 
"Are You Ready to Meet God?"
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I received an endorsement from the director of the MLJ Trust today and I want to remind people that the programs who have pulled out of FAMILY RADIO should  be encouraged. I am more then grateful to see programs and people stand up for Christ and His word the Bible.


Tony Ruston,
MLJ Trust (UK)
on 03/28/2002

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"Thus saith the Lord"
Campingnites rally around new revelation 
from the head leader.


2 Timothy 4:3
 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

                      FROM THE MAIL BAG 

Comments = The news of 'The End Of The Church Age' was more of a shock to me than the September 11th WTC crisis, and I continue to be amazed by after shocks within the Christian community.
I notice a distinct division (even rudeness) among otherwise warm and forgiving brothers and sisters.
Before everyone could meet, enjoy great food and fellowship. Now there's a hovering cloud of hostility that continues to smolder as much as the burning ashes of the World Trade Center.
I see people taking sides and in some cases contending for a new doctrine, instead of the Faith of our Fathers.
The Church and the Bible has been replaced with the promotion of a Radio Station and Teacher with 'New' dogmatic view-points, and the cold notion that' anyone who disagrees is fired!'
My thinking on the 'Depart Out' teachings are that they hinge dangerously on 'Private interpretation'
Still there's lessons to be learned in this crisis - in the way God's people respond. This in itself is showing me the true character of those who for years have gathered under a 'safe Christian Haven' of (not necessarily the Bible) but Family Radio itself, knowledgeable /untouchable / infallible
I now see the need for serious self-examination. Have I been too content with my spiritual walk just because I listen constantly to Family Radio?
It takes real Christian guts to 'contend for the faith' and just stand, especially when that means standing from within against the powerhouse that Family Radio has become.
I also notice that not everyone (at Family Radio) is so eager to quit although they may (secretly) not agree with the current teachings. The verse 'They loved the praise of men more than the praise of God,' comes to mind.
But the Lord doesn't need Family Radio to replace the Church any more than he needed a wooden ramp to walk on water.


Bethel Baptist

 Baptist Church SBC

Comments = Family Radio was a great ministry. It is sad to see what has happened but Mr. Camping has fallen for exactly what he preaches against; as we all can see; yes it seems that the "Emperor has no clothes" We must pray for the restoration of Mr. Camping and pray that his soul is indeed saved. God's will will be done today Mr. Camping is being used by Satan. Please pray.


Comments = While listening, reluctantly, to Camping last night (too lazy to get out of bed and shut the radio off) I thought of a little couplet I learned as a young man:  "Wonderful things in the Bible I see, things that were put there by you and by me."

The fearful thing is to ponder where it could all end, as Camping gets "further light" on passages of Scripture.  Now we have King Agrippa representing Christ, the wicked and cruel Pontius Pilate representing God---where will his perverted mind take him next?

"Lord, deliver us from this wicked teacher!"


 was OPC
Comments = OPC was just the 4th church we were forced out of because we didn't believe in free will salvation, and a 1000 year reign of Christ on earth. What church do we go to?  If you can find us one that uses the Bible alone and in its entirety as its authority, let me know.
Suzanne, Welcome to the world! We personally had to MOVE about an hour away to find a faithful church. It can be done but it must be your number one priority. If you move to Akron Ohio I can show you 1. 

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Harold Camping Info List" is a good place to find more articles~

Articles and Links Related to the Depart out Teachings of Harold Camping Some of these articles are from anonymous authors, and they have not been amended or edited. The only way to confirm hard facts is to do your own research, studies, and observation


Has Mr. Camping become your High Place? (By Vince Kluth, Jan.8, 2002)
High Places...Really? (By Vince Kluth, Jan.15, 2002) 
Final Review of Mr.Camping's Teaching (By Vince Kluth, Jan.22, 2002)


[1] 144,000 of Revelation 7:1-8 represents all who were saved during the church era, allegedly from A.D. 33 until 1994. Then, the "great multitude, which no man could number" of Revelation 7:9 ff are supposed to be the ones saved during the final tribulation via Family Radio and other undisclosed media

When examining conclusions that anyone has derived from the Bible, it is very fair and reasonable to expect that what is presented be consistent throughout.  CLICK HERE

On March 1, 2002, on the Open Forum, Harold Camping made that statement that “The king in the churches is Satan.”

    Christ through the Holy Spirit in the congregation is the work of Satan. 

"Has the Era of the Church Age Come to an End?"
By J. Patrick Griffin, Jr. CLICK HERE



"The Guilt-Tripping Manipulation Tactic"

A Scriptural Response To Harold Camping's Paper:
"Has the Era of the Church Age Come to an End?"
By J. Patrick Griffin, Jr.

The Hazardous Hermeneutics of Harold Camping
The End of the Church or His End?
by G. Richard Fisher

Insight, by Joel Nederhood.

The Life of the Church by Joe Holan. If you are supporting a doctrine that involves the destruction of all churches, then you are against the cause of Christ and you are against the people of God.

Where Satan Reigns pdf
The Blasphemy of Harold Camping
html page view

Mr. Camping Warns about Fanciful Interpretations of the Scriptures. Has He Ignored His Own Warnings? CLICK HERE

Harold Camping's Heretical View of the Church Refuted
(Dr. James R. White is the Speaker)

"1994?" …A Rerun?
Since these churches no longer represent Christ and His Word, the only conclusion must be that the pastors, elders, and deacons are false prophets. Unless they follow Camping's example, they will be destroyed with their churches. 

Harold Camping's Heretical View of the Church Refuted
(Pastors Session) 
Dr. James R. White 

Galatians 1:6  I wonder that you are so quickly being transferred from Him having called you by [the] grace of Christ to another gospel,

Harold Camping & Family Radio The Great Tribulation & the Church Age. TRACT.
By Dr. John Michael Thomas

Philip Graham Ryken, Senior Minister Tenth Presbyterian Church

Is Family Radio in Danger of Becoming a Cult?
By Rev. Stephen Hamilton

History Lesson on Cults.
An article on history and how others have taught what Camping is teaching and what happened to them.


Free Presbyterian Church 

 Separation from Family Radio Letter. This is the Church the Vice President of Family Radio ONCE attended.

What is a Cult?
It's not a stretch to say that those who have been influenced are inundated with similar methods employed by the major cults:

Wall Street Journal
HOUSES OF WORSHIP by Dave Shiflett    
Opinion Journal

Harold Camping’s Heretical View of Christ's Church Refuted!
Dr. James White

 Joe Jacowitz - Is the Church age over?


 Would you like to discuss this issue and read what people are saying? Join this club to post and read messages. CLICK HERE

First Principles Of Bible Study   
   Camping’s book, he forgot what he wrote.

What can we do?

Is Family Radio of God?


Family Radio stopped broadcasting our program, without telling listeners the reason. Here is a brief account of the situation.

      Has God Destroyed the Church? Sermon
 by Dr. James White

Inside the Teaching
This is a in-depth article with first hand
knowledge of the teacher.

Refutation of Harold Camping's Errors
The Corporate Church. 4 part series.

A Word From Calvin and Ruth

Church Offices
What does the Bible say regarding the offices of the
church and how long an individual holds their office?

CONFRONTATION! I found ourselves in a lively exchange with Mr. Camping.

What happened in our church today has great practical bearing on this "the church is dead"/"departing out" issue, which I would urge each of you to prayerfully consider

Date Setting
Mr. Camping has set more then one date for the return of Christ see them all.


Historic confessions vs. Family Radio's confession.

Orthodox Presbyterian Church!
Franklin Square, NY Speaks Out!

Hermeneutic Gymnastics Unveiled!
This is a recipe for anarchy for those who follow it, and who knows what kind of damage that will produce.

        I Will Build My Church!            

 By Pastor Jack Van Dyken Preached November 25, 2001 (Download will take about 10minutes 56k Real Player)

Has the Church Age Ended?
Matthew 16:18-19 by Joseph Jacowitz
(Preached September 23, 2001)

Do Not Depart Out!
Reasons to Remain in Your Church
By Dr. Ken Matto.

Who will buy this dead Church doctrine as the truth and run with it? Only a few! But a few too many! Here are their dispositions. CLICK HERE

Diary from Mission Springs Family Radio Conference. July 13-18, 2001

  Christians and the Internet!
 This is the sixty-first issue of a free newsletter devoted to Christians And The Internet. Subscription information is provided.

HEBREWS 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

From a X Missionary
for Family Radio
Tom Torrisi

From an X-Employee of Family Radio.
Mickey Ventura

           Confessions. A High Place?             The problem is that Harold Camping, with one short sound bite, is making a gross misrepresentation of the reformed confessions

Spiritual Acrophobia
The Fear of High Places
by Dr. Ken Matto.

     High Places 
By Marty Breen.

  3. Phil's Book Marks
  4. Alpha and Omega Ministries
  5. Here I stand. Net
  6. Reformed Bible Church SO. Cali

Harold Camping teaches that the church is to come together in his past work. CLICK HERE

Hear the heresy for yourself. A quick 3-4 minute download of an "Open Forum" sound bite CLICK HERE
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John Calvin in his commentary on 1 Corithinian 1:2 particularly where God through Paul says about the church at Corinth,  "Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints...."  Calvin writes,  "It is a dangerous temptation to think that there is no church at all where perfect purity is not seen" and as Calvin went on to say - "the man that is possessed with this notion, must necessarily in the end withdraw from all others, and look upon himself as the only saint in the world, or set up a peculiar sect in company w/a few hypocrites".



Let programs aired on Family Radio know that this 

teaching is not Biblical and the teaching should be stopped.

Eventually they will have to conform to this teaching. 10-20
Program list and email addresses including the station itself. CLICK HERE...

Programming to Reflect Heresy (It Has Happened) CLICK HERE...12-3

Response to the recent program changes CLICK HERE.....12-3

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When should a person leave a church?


Leaving a church is not something that should be done lightly. Too many people abandon churches for petty reasons. Disagreements over simple matters of preference are never a good reason to withdraw from a sound, Bible-believing church. Christians are commanded to respect, honor, and obey those whom God has placed in positions of leadership in the church (Heb.13:7, 17).

However, there are times when it becomes necessary to leave a church for the sake of one's own conscience, or out of a duty to obey God rather than men. Such circumstances would include:

If heresy on some fundamental truth is being taught from the pulpit  (Arminism, speaking in tongues), (Gal. 1:7-9).

If the leaders of the church tolerate seriously errant doctrine from any who are given teaching authority in the fellowship (Rom. 16:17).

If the church is characterized by a wanton disregard for Scripture, such as a refusal to discipline members who are sinning blatantly (1 Cor. 5:1-7).

If unholy living is tolerated in the church (1 Cor. 5:9-11).

If the church is seriously out of step with the biblical pattern for the church (2 Thess. 3:6, 14).

If the church is marked by gross hypocrisy, giving lip service to biblical Christianity but refusing to acknowledge its true power (2 Tim. 3:5).

This is not to suggest that these are the only circumstances under which people are permitted to leave a church. There is certainly nothing wrong with moving one's membership just because another church offers better teaching or more opportunities for growth and service. But those who transfer their membership for such reasons ought to take extreme care not to sow discord or division in the church they are leaving. And such moves ought to be made sparingly. Membership in a church is a commitment that ought to be taken seriously.



The "DEPART OUT" heresy has infiltrated every aspects of FAMILY RADIO'S operation. The short wave department is responsible for sending people into sin. The print department has aided Mr. Camping in teaching thousands that Satan is the HEAD in every church throughout the world. The Internet department has sent the teaching into the homes of many where they can learn how to follow the sin into its many facets. The programming department bends over backwards denying preachers their titles as the Bible defines them and program day and night the heresy for thousands to hear. The t.v department is now on the same playing field as Benny Hinn and his network guru's. The people who answer the phone and stuff envelopes have the blood of many on their hands as they put the "Depart Out" tract into the envelopes.

Employees of FAMILY RADIO should join the ranks of Mickey Ventura, Pastor Otero and many others and leave the station. Even I had to stay in a False Gospel church for a while till I had done all I could then I left

Many should cut back on the hours they listen to FAMILY RADIO, as the teaching is almost on as much as anything else.

GALATIONS 1:6 ¶ I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.



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