Where Satan Reigns

The Blasphemy of Harold Camping

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The Big Lie

Harold Camping has lately been preaching a blasphemous heresy in which he claims that God is done working though the church on earth. Now he has written a pamphlet, Has the Era of the Church Age Come to an End? in which he lays out the main arguments for his teaching. Typical of his long established teaching methods, Camping sets up straw man arguments that he can then knock down with ease and flair to "prove" his point. He has done this with subject after subject over many years, and by using his own peculiar logic has been able to foist upon the unwary a great many ideas and doctrines that are questionable, to say the least.

Has the Era of the Church Age Come to an End? begins with Camping's view of conditions in the church and in the world. He talks at length about apostasy in the churches, the population explosion, and technological advances. He goes on to suggest the importance of the near world wide reach of Family Radio, the organization of which he is president and general manager. God has placed Family Radio in a unique position, according to Camping, to reach the whole world with what he likes to call "the true gospel" for two reasons: 1. Because the church is dead and God must now use other means to save souls, and 2. Even if the church was a vibrant, healthy spiritual concern, there is no way (in his opinion) that all the Christians in all the world could ever reach all of the constantly increasing population. God has appointed Family Radio under the leadership of Camping's unique vision to fulfill the task of Matthew 28:19-20. He states as an absolutely confirmed fact, that "we must realistically admit the churches of today cannot by any means fulfill Christ's command to go into all the world with the Gospel." The potential for arrogance in such a high self-view seems to completely escape him.

Camping correlates his perception of apostasy in the church and growing population with the convergence of modern technology, stating,

Ah, but how does Camping discover this synthesis he so boldly proclaims? Let us look at his biblical reasoning.

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